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Spank Me by butterflycatdragon
Mature content
Spank Me :iconbutterflycatdragon:butterflycatdragon 1 0
Axe by butterflycatdragon Axe :iconbutterflycatdragon:butterflycatdragon 0 0 Otter Cookie by butterflycatdragon Otter Cookie :iconbutterflycatdragon:butterflycatdragon 0 0 My Snowflake by butterflycatdragon My Snowflake :iconbutterflycatdragon:butterflycatdragon 0 0 Wand by butterflycatdragon Wand :iconbutterflycatdragon:butterflycatdragon 0 0 Space Dress by butterflycatdragon Space Dress :iconbutterflycatdragon:butterflycatdragon 0 0 Character outfit: Jack by butterflycatdragon Character outfit: Jack :iconbutterflycatdragon:butterflycatdragon 1 0
the beast chapter 2
Chapter 2
I looked at the hand, then up to the body it was attached to, then finally into the eyes of one of my friends, she was looking at me with a bit of concern but not much
worry. When I looked around, the mall was back to normal, the lights on and the shops open. I looked at my watch, the time was right and I had the three hours back.
I waved my friend away, and went back to talking to the others. We stayed till closing time and left again as a group. We made our way back to the school and the day
finished out like normal. The next day I went to the mall again, to try to figure out what happened, I only took one of my friends with me. In fact she was the only
one I told. We walked the mall trying to figure out what happened, to find any clue, or to see if it was just a dream. I was lost in thought, and then I was just lost.
As I looked around I saw that my friend was gone, she must have wondered off, or I had slipped off again. I started running calling out her name. Nothing. But
:iconbutterflycatdragon:butterflycatdragon 0 0
the beast chapter 1
My friends and I were out at the mall. Just a normal day, nothing going on. Two of my friends who had left the college were visiting for my birthday. One a United States Marine built like a god and looked like one too, the other an up and coming programmer who knew more about the occult then she did computers. Then my roommate was there, he was a healer by nature, as long at it wasn't himself that needed healing, and my girlfriend, my lovely wonderful girlfriend. But she was pissed. The day had been a very bad day. First she and I had gotten in a fight, then another member of our little group had disappeared without telling us, stayed gone for hours before she came back. After that it was just one fight after another. Now that everything had calmed down we were hanging at the mall, trying to unwind and not kill each other, each of us had gone a our own way. One to the clothing shop, one to the nature shop, one to the game shop, and one walking between the three. I had walked
:iconbutterflycatdragon:butterflycatdragon 0 0
the beast intro
In each of us there is a beast, this beast is a reflection of who we are and what choices we make in life. But what if there's more, for me that beast is very much real and very dangerous.
I was a normal child, happy, wild, carefree, well at lest until I met the beast inside me. Unlike with most people when I say I met him, I mean I met him.
Face to face, man to....child, but back then I didn't know who he was, or what he was, and now, now it doesn't matter. Now I'm in college, now I have a life, now that
beast is asleep, or at lest it was.
:iconbutterflycatdragon:butterflycatdragon 0 0
mass effect powerwheel by butterflycatdragon mass effect powerwheel :iconbutterflycatdragon:butterflycatdragon 0 2 ace the furbul by butterflycatdragon ace the furbul :iconbutterflycatdragon:butterflycatdragon 0 5 vronica's digivice by butterflycatdragon vronica's digivice :iconbutterflycatdragon:butterflycatdragon 0 0 for kitten ears11 by butterflycatdragon for kitten ears11 :iconbutterflycatdragon:butterflycatdragon 3 5 meomon by butterflycatdragon meomon :iconbutterflycatdragon:butterflycatdragon 1 0 my digivice by butterflycatdragon my digivice :iconbutterflycatdragon:butterflycatdragon 1 2


Mature content
Amor - Mihawk x Reader :iconranatatsumia:RanaTatsumia 25 1
Not Supernatural ~ One Piece x Reader pt1

     “Scary…” Nami ducks beside as you lean on the railing of the bridge to the school library.
    “What is?” You hum watching other students pass below.
    “That new guy, just look at him!” She points. You glance at the redhead that sat alone on a bench away from all the groups.
     “Ah him… Doesn’t he have one arm?” You hum unimpressed.  “And his name is Kid isn’t it? Can you imagine growing up with that name? Everything someone said, ‘Hey kid!’ he’d have to look around to make sure it wasn’t for him. Must’ve drove him crazy…”
       “Gah! He looked over here when you said that!” Nami jumps behind you, making you blink back from imagining it. You look down at him to find his head turned to yours and Nami’s direction.  Nami was being
:iconpiratequeend:PirateQueenD 94 21
Mature content
Law x reader: From reality to Ahh~ *Lemon* :icondarkodama:Darkodama 78 16
Cracked~ Marco x Reader *OneShot*

*Happy Birthday to the bestest Viking and Hubby in the whole wide world! Happy Birthday :iconluffythaking: *
        It only takes a moment for your world to shatter.  All the hopes and dreams you had held onto, yanked out from under you, allowing you to fall into darkness. That moment,  you felt it coming,  but you wanted to believe it wouldn’t.
         Dellinger pauses, giving you a slightly surprised look. “What did you just say?” He asks, tilting his head. You hesitate,  swallowing up your courage again.  
         “I’m…. I’m in love with you.” You repeat though your mind pleaded you to stop. Dellinger straightens at that, fingers twitching before he shifts.  
         “Oh… I um… Sorry ___, I don’t… I don’t think I could ever feel the same
:iconpiratequeend:PirateQueenD 78 10
Beauty and the Ice Admiral Chapter 1
ten years later Jade wears her beautiful long black kimono with black and red kimono, justice navy coat on her shoulders, Black flat heeled boots, two red and black two katana on the side of her hips on her black kimono pants and wears a black origami rose hairclip. She became beautiful and join in the navy and now eighteen years old became vice Admiral and going to become Queen of the Xenomorphs, and Leader of the Black widow Clan.  Aokiji, Akainu and Kizaru became Admirals and her brothers became pirates. Jade went to her grandfather’s office and knocked the door.
“Who is it?” Asked Garp.
“It's me Jade.” Answered Jade.
“Ah my Origami Princess you may come in.” Replied Garp as Jade opened the door and sat down on the couch.
“My little Origami Princess I'm so proud of you. Unlike your two brothers you made a good choice.” Replied Garp as he hugged her Granddaughter.
“Thanks Grandpa I have to go do some practice with my or
:iconscarletokami75:ScarletOkami75 2 0
Mature content
House Trained 28 (Werewolf!Zoro x Reader) :iconjaq-rabbit:Jaq-Rabbit 82 94
Mature content
Desert dagger - Crocodile x Reader :iconranatatsumia:RanaTatsumia 21 1
Anesthesia - Shanks x Reader - one shot
A moment of relaxation you had yet to take. Anxious jolts had you up and on your feet completing countless circles around the center mast. Hurried taps you gave to the flooring as sitting was simply not an option.
A hold dug in your repeated path you were sure would soon cave as evidence if you did not stop soon.
Although it could not be helped.
The only cure would be your husband’s bright grin; making it successfully through the surgery which he was currently in the middle of.
A deep craving of running your hands through his vibrant red hair set in. Meeting glistening brown eyes was all you wished for at the moment.
A simple enough procedure he was going through yet all the reassurance in the world could not calm you.
On an order, Beckman brought you up and away from the lower deck’s medical bay for a breather. Shanks knew all you too well that you would patiently wait at the door until the end.
Several attempts at sneaking back down were quickly thwarted by a heavy cough.
:iconcorazonstealer:CorazonStealer 43 3
Mature content
Last to Fall SaboxReader Pt1 :iconafrikkinobjective:afrikkinobjective 12 0
Mature content
Warmth - Mihawk x Reader - lemon :iconcorazonstealer:CorazonStealer 23 2
Shanks x Reader - Adorable
“LAND!!!” You screamed as you jumped off your ship. You and your crew, the Red Haired Pirates, had been at sea for what felt like year. You had just docked at a new island and you were so ready to be off the ship. The island was more of a resort that welcomed all people, pirates and marines alike. Only one rule stood here, no fighting no matter what.
“I got her.” Your captain, Shanks, said to Yasopp. You were usually not to be trusted when on a new island, so they always let you leave with a crew member.
“Thanks cap.” Shanks then followed you off the ship, to the nearest town. You skipped along the buzzy streets while he walked next to you, smiling at you.
“What do you want to do (n/n)?” He asked you.
“I want to get a new swimsuit then go that huge pool!” You said happily. He just snickered and told you to lead the way. You made it to a cute little swimsuit shop and were currently trying on different suits.
“I really lik
:iconphantomwrighter:PhantomWrighter 31 3
New Year's Resolution (Portgas D. Ace x Reader)

Ohhhh, I’m so full.  I can’t believe I ate so much food in one night, but I couldn’t help it Sanji’s cooking was so good; even more so during the holidays.  This year Ace and I were spending the Christmas and New Year’s holidays with his brother, Luffy’s, crew.  It was a nice change since there’s a different vibe about Ace when he’s around Luffy; he’s a lot happier and more cheerful.
Until he falls asleep in his food.  I looked over from my spot by the mast to see Ace face down in a plate of what looked like meat with mashed potatoes and a green-bean casserole side, fork still up in his hand.  I chuckled at the shocked looks on Chopper’s and Usopp’s faces at the sight of Ace.
“Gah!  He’s dead!” Chopper cried.
“Oh Luffy I’m so sorry!!” Usopp sniffed.
“Huh?  Oh he’s always like that.
:iconfullmoonwolf:fullmoonwolf 37 4
Sabo X Reader [Fool]
Please do read the description ^^
I'm sorry I was not there when you cry.
I'm sorry I was not by your side when times were tough.
I'm sorry I was not there to listen to your problems.
I'm sorry I was not there when you needed someone by your side.
I'm sorry...
I miss the times we spent running away.
I miss the adrenaline rush we felt together.
I miss the smiles that we all shared when we were younger
I miss that soft melodious voice of yours.
Oh how much I do...
Is it too late to apologise?
Is it too late to turn back time?
Is it too late to appreciate everything I once had?
Is it too late to ask for your forgiveness?
I guess it is...
Because there you lay...
Never to wake.
I am such a fool...!
I'm sorry...!
Love you....
:iconxx-neko-pierrot-xx:Xx-Neko-Pierrot-xX 31 25
Lawlu - Everyone knows by shevoj Lawlu - Everyone knows :iconshevoj:shevoj 67 10
Burning Passion~ Dragon!Sabo x Reader

       "Not a chance you cheap bastard," You growl. Doffy shifts with a frown.
       "Always so stubborn... Fine, 600 beli it is!" He grumbles, paying up.
       "Pleasure doing business with you," You chime, handing over the unicorn horn. He just gives another unhappy grunt. You smirk and continue into town.
       "Welcome back ___!" Nami calls with a wave from her window.
       "Hey Nami, anything new?" You ask.
       "Queen Vivi is looking for a slayer to take on a dragon that's been causing trouble in the west," She informs you. A grin breaks across your face.
       "Thanks! You always know what I want to hear," You tell her, tossing up a beli bag to her.
       "Anytime!" She laughs. With that you head to the castle. Your grin falls as you spot two familiar shapes waiting just outsi
:iconpiratequeend:PirateQueenD 152 20
Adorable birds by ElyonBlackStar Adorable birds :iconelyonblackstar:ElyonBlackStar 104 29


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Ok for those of you who, a: know me, or b: watch this account the you may have noticed its been quite a while since i posted and i can enplane. You see a while ago my computer got a bad virus and wouldn't work so i wasn't able to get online. my computer still doesn't work but i have one that sort of does so I'll be using it for awhile and will hopefully be posting something soon to make up for it but until then for those who know my work any ideas?
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